About Me! 

My name is Tiffany Arosemena and I am a third year law student at Fordham Law School. I have taken a variety of Fashion Law classes at Fordham and have been perplexed by the many legal issues that arise in the fashion world.

I love indulging in other cultures by traveling and getting to know the locals. I’ve lived in France, Spain and Italy and learned French, Spanish and Italian. My dream is to move to Japan for a year to indulge in the Japanese language, food and of course fashion! Luckily, I currently reside in Manhattan where I get to experience different cultures every day. My current obsession is finding artisanal coffee shops where I can people watch, enjoy a cortadito and write my blog.

About my blog

There is no denying that social media influencers are the new IT girls and guys of the fashion world. These social media stars post, snap and tweet their favorite new trends to their thousands or even millions of followers and influence their buying decisions. Their recommendations to consumers are so powerful that fashion brands are investing more money and resources than ever in an attempt to influence the influencers. This led me to wonder. Am I looking at a social media post by my favorite influencer or a product placement? Do they even like this product, or are they promoting it because they are being paid? The Federal Trade Commission had the same uneasy feeling and wrote guidelines in 2015 for online advertisers on how to make disclosures clear to avoid deception and comply with the FTC Act. In order to help understand these guidelines I will be analyzing Instagram posts by fashion influencers and retailers in order to conclude whether the influencer and/or the retailer have mastered the art of disclosure or not!